The 04/15/2019 Mercury update is available. 299,125 parts. Mercury Marine prices, aftermarket cross references with updated prices, updated supersedes, UPC's, etc. Password Protected.

Please call 919-787-1836 for help installing this update. There is a new password in January each year.

For 04/15/2019, we have also updated the aftermarket cross references and prices for the second time in 2019, since there have been aftermarket price increases in Feb, March, and April.

For 04/15/2019, we have also updated the UPC information. If you are not using a bar code scanner to help with your Mercury parts, please contact Huggins about this time saving tool. You can get the latest UPC information every month using the reports F4, 7, 1 and F4, 8, 1. The shops that have puchased a bar code scanner now say that they do not know how they would do without it. No more typing part numbers!

For 04/15/2019, supersedes and prices have been updated like we do every month. These are automatic.

Note: The last MAJOR price increase was January 2019. 32,975 parts went up in price an average of $45.16 per part. This month only a few parts went up in price. Supersedes are another story. For example: 8M0122655 superseded to 8M0137216 SEA PUMP KIT. The old price was $457.86, but 8M0137216 is higher priced: $476.86. If you quoted a price and ordered the part only to find out that it comes in as a different part number at a different price, then you get stuck selling the higher priced part at the lower price. Avoid situations like this as much as possible by loading the new price file every month. SAMPLES

Note: Your anti-virus might attempt to block this download. For example, if you are running Avast, you will need to disable it for a few minutes in order to complete this download. If you do not disable Avast, when you click the link, your browser will give you a message indicating that the link cannot be accessed.



The part count on 04/15/2019: 299,125  Sample Part#      8M0149736 TURBOCHARGER           Old: $747.74  New: $1373.33   84% increase.  $625.59 increase in price.
The part count on 03/15/2019: 298,580  Sample Part#   31-8M0146566 BEARING CUP CONE       Old: $ 26.75  New: $  55.25  107% increase.  $ 28.50 increase in price.
The part count on 02/15/2019: 298,256  Sample Part#      835271Q09 FLO TORQ IV KIT        Old: $ 72.28  New: $ 125.11   73% increase.  $ 52.83 increase in price.
The part count on 01/15/2019: 298,033  Sample Part#      8M0137816 THERMOSTAT             Old: $ 64.00  New: $ 100.83   58% increase.  $ 36.83 increase in price.
The part count on 12/15/2018: 297,969  Sample Part#   84-8M0136942 CABLE-BLACK NEG        Old: $ 32.75  New: $  75.58  131% increase.  $ 42.83 increase in price.
The part count on 11/15/2018: 299,336  Sample Part#      8M0101601 FLO TORQ SSR HD        Old: $169.95  New: $ 171.65    1% increase.  $  1.70 increase in price.
The part count on 10/15/2018: 299,132  Sample Part#   98-8M0135386 FUEL FILTER KIT        Old: $159.83  New: $ 291.67   82% increase.  $131.84 increase in price.
The part count on 09/15/2018: 298,429  Sample Part#   48-8M0146122 PROP                   Old: $500.00  New: $ 816.67   63% increase.  $316.67 increase in price.
The part count on 08/15/2018: 298,209  Sample Part# 1500-8M0103294 DSH SILVER L           Old: $527.14  New: $ 592.86   12% increase.  $ 65.72 increase in price.
The part count on 07/15/2018: 295,700  Sample Part#   98-8M0145465 FUEL PUMP KIT          Old: $ 50.28  New: $ 141.67  182% increase.  $ 91.39 increase in price.
The part count on 06/15/2018: 295,273  Sample Part# 1668-825122A2  Gear Housing Assembly  Old: $182.25  New: $ 258.33   42% increase.  $ 76.08 increase in price.
The part count on 05/15/2018: 294,982
The part count on 04/15/2018: 294,565  
The part count on 03/15/2018: 294,193  
The part count on 02/15/2018: 293,431
The part count on 01/15/2018: 292,062
The part count on 12/15/2017: 291,843
The part count on 11/15/2017: 291,217
The part count on 10/15/2017: 290,867  
The part count on 09/15/2017: 290,597   
The part count on 08/15/2017: 290,237
The part count on 07/15/2017: 289,708
The part count on 06/15/2017: 289,473
The part count on 05/15/2017: 289,320
The part count on 04/15/2017: 289,029  
The part count on 03/15/2017: 288,886
The part count on 02/13/2017: 288,714  
The part count on 01/09/2017: 288,509  
The part count on 12/01/2016: 288,382                                      

Please check the price of the sample part number to verify that your price update was loaded to the correct folder. The default folder of c:\huggins is correct for most single user installations. Network installations will usually be h:\huggins. Contact your network administrator if you cannot get the prices loaded to the correct folder. Pressing F9 in the Huggins inventory program will show you the folder that your program is currently using.

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